shampoo filling and capping machine

shampoo filling and capping machine

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Manual bottle turntable


Manually insert the bottle into the empty bottle holder



Bottle holder right in and left out


GF16 / 5 Rotary Piston Filling and Capping Machine


16-head piston filling machine;5-head capping operation.



Cylinder hanging type, cam drive, international advanced cylinder valve integrated structure


Cover lifter


Automatically lift bottle caps to cap sorter



Made of 304 stainless steel and soft rubber


Automatic lid sorter


Automatically organize the lid



This capping device is specially designed for special-shaped bottle caps of shampoo cream. Other capping devices cannot be realized.


Belt cover track


Automatic cap feeding machine




Conveyor system


Conveying bottle holder




Conveyor motor


Main drive




Bottle clamping and demoulding machine


Pinch release




Packaging platform


For artificial packaging




Bottle holder


For bottles and bottles




Electrical control system




Main machines

1. Manually put on the bottle holder turntable.

This machine is convenient to insert the empty bottle into the empty bottle holder manually, and complete the manual bottle loading process.
Technical Parameters:
Capacity: 25,000 bottles / hour
Turntable diameter: 1000mm
Power: 1.5KW
Dimensions: 1000X1000X9500 (mm)

2. Conveyor

This conveyor belt is made of SUS304 material for all conveyor boards, which fully meets the sanitary requirements. The conveyor chain plate is made of engineering plastic, commonly known as plastic steel, which is wear-resistant without hurting the bottle.

3. 16/5 Rotary piston filling and capping machine

This all-in-one machine is dedicated to the filling and capping of high-viscosity materials such as shampoo, shampoo, body lotion, conditioner, honey, sauces, etc., because the material has poor fluidity, it must be added The machine can only be filled by pressure, so this machine adopts the piston filling method and the rotary inverted hanging cylinder type, which can fully meet the filling needs of high-viscosity materials with high viscosity. In order to reduce secondary pollution, the machine uses a filling cap- It has greatly improved production efficiency, meets the requirements of food and daily chemical GMP, and is very convenient for subsequent maintenance and cleaning. This machine's piston cylinder and valve adopt advanced cylinder and valve integrated structure, which not only overcomes the short service life of valve and processing And the difficulty of installation, high maintenance cost, tight seal, poor cleaning and other defects, but also greatly improve the filling accuracy and convenience of cleaning; the machine's integrated cylinder and valve structure is currently the international Equipped with more advanced and mature corner solution; it is the ideal production equipment for many production enterprises.
The main technical parameters
Power: AC 220V; 50HZ
Machine power: 3KW
Filling heads: 16
Number of capping heads: 5
Equipped with air source: 0.65Mpa
Weight: 8000kg
Applicable container specifications:
Diameter: Φ40mm-Φ100mm
Height: 80mm ~ 280mm
Applicable cover specifications:
Height: 10mm ~ 35mm
Diameter: Φ20mm ~ Φ80mm
Output: 2500P / h
Overall size: 2300x2150x2300mm

4. Automatic cap unwinding machine

This capping machine is specially designed for capping of special-shaped bottles with special shapes for daily chemical industry. This machine is much more complicated than ordinary capping machines. Using the shape of the cap, a number of corresponding station plates are designed. The outer pan rotates at the same time, and pushes the lid into the corresponding lid concave mold in the work station. Finally, the lid is sucked up one by one by a vacuum synchronous belt, pushed into the cap feeding track, and the bottle is sent into the capping machine eating tray and finish the work.


5. Bottle clamping and demoulding machine

This machine is specially designed for the production line of shaped bottles with bottle holders. The filled and capped bottles are taken out of the bottle holders. The bottles are clamped first, the bottle holders automatically fall off due to gravity, and then return to the bottle holders on.
The main technical parameters
Power: AC 220V; 50HZ
Power: 1.5KW
Output: 2500P / h
Dimension: 1600 * 850 * 1100

6. Artificial packaging platform

This platform is made of all stainless steel and meets GMP requirements.

7. Bottle holder

The bottle holder has two functions. One is to help irregularly shaped bottles that are easy to pour bottles on the conveyor belt. The second is to unify bottles of multiple specifications and varieties, allowing bottles to enter on the bottle holder. The filling and capping machine has a uniform height, and the corresponding bottle feeding tray is also unified. Whether it is a bottle feeding guide, a bottle feeding tray, the height of the filling machine, or the height of the capping machine, there is no need to adjust it. Not only reduces the workload of workers when replacing the specification bottle, and improves production efficiency, but also one machine is multi-purpose, and multiple specifications can be applied, which greatly reduces the procurement cost of equipment for manufacturing enterprises.

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