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1. Fully automatic unscrambler


Fully automatic unscrambler can make the piled bottle into order, and can transfer the bottle to the conveyor one by one, and then the bottle reversing device turn the bottle into one direction and take them into filling area.

Main technical parameters:

Yield capacity: 60-120 bottles/min
Application: round plastic bottle 10ml-100ml
Power: 340w
Compressed air: 3-5kg/m³
Dimension (mm): 960*960*1140
Weight: 450kg


2. Cylinder type ultrasonic washing machine

Application and introduction:

Applied for all kinds of materials or irregular bottles from 20ml to 500ml, which have bolder. The machine can wash the bottle inside and outside. Adopt two times of water and one time of air to washing bottle (drinking water - WFI - purified compressed air) and make bottle comply with requirement and dry.

Main technical parameters:

Applied for: 20ml-500ml
Yield capacity: ≤120 bottles/min (depends on the bottle size)
Power supply: 380V 50Hz
Power: 1.8kw
Water consumption: 0.6t/hour-1t/hour
Compressed air: 15 m³/h, 0.3 kg/cm²-0.4 kg/cm²
Machine weight: 500kg
Dimension(mm): 1200*1100*1200


3. Filling machine series


Automatic viscosity filling machine is applied for filling glue, liquid soap, shampoo and cream etc. in the industry of phamaceutical and chemical. It complete and stable for filling heavy liquid and viscosity in the marketplace.


Adopt piston pump to fill high precision, large range of adjusting dosage.
It allows to adjustment of filling colume for all filling pumps at the same time, also for the minor adjustment of each filling pump to achieve fill high volume accuracy.
This pump system don’t absorb the material, good chemical stability.
Stainless steel rotary valve to fit to various kinds of viscosity product.
Auto shut on/off filling nozzles, avoid leaking and drawing.
Header liquid hopper, auto level sensor control product supply.
Frequency conversion control speed, auto count output, no bottle no fill.
The whole machine is designed according to requirements of GMP.


4. Automatic cap unscrewing machine

Equipment introduction:

Automatic cap unscrewing (pressing) capping machine adopts the world's advanced technology, using PLC and electronic optical fiber sensors to control, microcomputer text display touch manual interface operation. Automatic cap unscrewing-automatic screwing (pressing) cap. And has a counting function. You can record the production for the current day and the current month.
When the filled bottle automatically enters the capping (pressing) machine-the capping device automatically sorts the messy and irregular caps, and automatically hangs on the bottle mouth in an orderly manner, and then the capping head automatically rotates (presses) the cap Good-enter the next process. This equipment is suitable for the filling of various liquids and the unscrewing (pressing) caps of various bottles. It is suitable for the filling of pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food and beverage, cosmetics and other industries (if juice, fruit Vinegar, oral solution, etc.) The equipment surface and the material contact surface are made of 304 stainless steel, no drips, easy to clean. No dead ends, fully comply with the national pharmaceutical industry GMP standard requirements.

Features of the equipment:

No residue on the surface of the bottle after filling, which guarantees that the bottle surface and the equipment surface are clean and hygienic, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. It is stable to use and has high automation intensity.

Technical Parameters:

Bottle mouth diameter specification: 20-80mm
Rotating (pressing) cap speed: 2000-2500 bottles / hour
Voltage power: 220v / 50hz. 1.2-2.0kw
Air source pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa
Dimension: 2000 * 900 * 1600mm. Weight: 260kg

5. Self-adhesive Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Equipment Introduction

• The whole machine adopts a mature PLC control system to make the whole machine run stably and at high speed.
• Operating system adopts touch interface control, which is simple, practical and efficient
• Advanced technology is fast and stable
• Wide range of application, can be used for labeling round bottles of various sizes
• Roll-in bottle body for more secure label attachment
• The front and rear sections can be optionally connected to the assembly line, and can also be equipped with a collection turntable to facilitate the collection, sorting and packaging of finished products
The surface of the equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, which complies with national GMP standards.

Technical Parameters

Voltage specification: AC220V 50 / 60HZ single phase
Power consumption: 300W
Overall dimensions: 2000 (L) x 700 (W) x 1270 (H) mm
Labeling speed: 40-100 bottles / minute (labeling speed 3.5m / min)
Material conveying direction: left to right
Machine weight: 200KG
Labeling accuracy: ± 1mm ​​(except the error between the object and the label itself)
Applicable bottle type: round bottle.
Applicable container range: outer diameter 16-150 mm, height 35-400 mm
Applicable label range: height 15-200 mm, length 23-400 mm

Requirements for label rolls:

a) The base paper of the label is glassine base paper (that is, light-transmissive base paper);
b) The thickness of the label paper is not less than 25 × 10-6m (25μm);
c) The outer diameter of the label roll is less than φ350; the inner diameter of the label roll is φ76

6. Automatic printer

Equipment Specifications:

Dimensions: 370 × 260 × 550
Font widening: 9 times wider
Power source: AC220V 50Hz 100VA
Storage information: 60 printing information
Printing lines: 1-2 lines (Chinese 1 line)
Printing speed: 1400 characters / (5 × 7)
Gross weight: 30 kg
Ambient humidity: below 90%
Ambient temperature: 10-45C

Equipment introduction:

This equipment has a built-in pump inkjet printer and adopts the internationally popular built-in pump closed-circuit ink drive system, which completely eliminates the pollution of ink to the external environment and greatly saves the consumption of solvents. Adopt the internationally famous magnetic drive pump, advanced ink circulation filtration system, and the high-integrated circuit independently developed by Leadjet to ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine. Can print Chinese, English, numbers and patterns online, can print high-definition numbers, text, graphics on the surface of various materials, widely used in food, medicine, chemical, mechanical electronics, building materials cables, packaging materials and other industries.

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