Our company participated in the Shanghai International Adhesives and Sealing Exhibition

Our company participated in the Shanghai International Adhesives and Sealing Exhibition held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on September 16-18, 2020.

There are many exhibitors in this exhibition and the competition is fierce. The company rented about 40 square meters of exhibition hall and brought 4 products, namely filling machine, press machine, dual planetary mixer, and powerful dispersion machine. The filling machines we exhibited this time are different from those of other companies. Our filling machines are divided into single-tube and double-tube ones. The filling accuracy is relatively high and it is suitable for glues of various viscosity. Other companies use tail filling, our company has developed a unique head filling technology, filling at the glue outlet. This effectively avoids new air bubbles during the filling process. The size of the tube of the double-tube filling machine can be adjusted according to customer needs. Both single tube and double tube are filled horizontally, which solves the problem of air mixing and overflow in vertical filling, and the operation is very convenient.

After three days of exhibition, our company received 12 orders and reached cooperation intentions with more than 30 companies. Improve the company’s visibility in the upstream and downstream industry chain, and lay a solid foundation for the company’s further development.

At the same time, our company has always spent a lot of money on technology research and development. This exhibition has also strengthened our company’s determination in technology research and development. In the future, we will face the market and use technology as a guarantee to provide customers with more High-quality products with favorable prices and convenient operation, to meet the needs of upstream and downstream customers with practical actions.

Post time: Nov-18-2020