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Recently, Wuxi Innovate Machinery Development Co., Ltd. Finished the production of the gel and emulsion production lines for Yangzhou Runlian Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and the cream and lotion production lines for Hunan Zhongxinkang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. All the prodction line have all been debugged. It was formally handed over to the customer in October, and the user was officially put into production.
The common features of these two units are large capacity, variety and small space. According to the user’s situation, our engineers have designed a complete plan from the overall consideration of functions, costs, layout, operation, transportation, and entry. The entire operation process is simple and smooth, and a variety of products can be produced in our multi-functional emulsifier to produce high-quality finished products, which solves customers’ problems and fully meets customers’ needs. Users are full of praise for our company.
And This year, due to the epidemic, the demand in foreign markets has decreased, but we still received orders from customers when the epidemic was the worst. The Bangladesh order was completed on 8th October. This customer in Bangladesh is a hair dye manufacturer. After vacuuming, the oxygen content in the pot needs to be measured. Nitrogen needs to be filled during the production process. Nitrogen purging equipment is required. Our engineers design the machine according to the customers needs and eliminate the need for nitrogen purging equipment. We also give them detailed installation videos and technology support. Customers are very satisfied with our machines and services and have reached long-term cooperation.
Wuxi Innovate Machinery Development Co., Ltd. has been focusing on industry equipment for more than ten years. It has accumulated rich experience in the production of cream, lotion, and lotion equipment. The technology is mature and comprehensive. Each design can be designed for users. Customers provide high-quality equipment while designing practical production line solutions for customers to save costs and improve efficiency.

Post time: Oct-27-2020