A Brief introduction about The fluid dynamic ultrasonic mixing and dispersing technology

The fluid dynamic ultrasonic mixing and dispersing technology relates to a jet homogenizer, in particular to a fluid dynamic ultrasonic jet homogenizer. Its core technology is fluid dynamic ultrasonic jet homogenizer
The traditional mixing and dispersion technology is generally agitating paddle technology, and our mixing and dispersion technology is fluid dynamic ultrasonic technology.
According to the generation principle of ultrasound, ultrasound can be divided into two categories: electric ultrasound and hydrodynamic ultrasound. Although the electro-ultrasonic jet homogenizer has a good homogenization effect on liquid particles, it requires external electrical equipment, high cost, large power consumption, and small processing capacity, so it is not suitable for wide application in industry; the use of hydrodynamic ultrasonic jet homogenizer Fluid (usually a gas or liquid) is used as a motive force to excite the reed in the jet homogenizer to vibrate. When the intrinsic frequency of the fluid medium jet is consistent with the natural frequency of the reed, resonance occurs and ultrasonic waves are emitted. And under the action of high sound intensity ultrasound, high temperature is generated, which improves the mixing capacity of the main fluid and the secondary fluid, reduces the atomization particle size of the fluid, promotes the progress of chemical reactions, accelerates the ability of various fluids to penetrate each other, and speeds up the mixing process , To improve the uniformity of mixing, and thousands of atmospheric shock waves appear in the cavitation field, continuously impact the fluid mixture, crush the secondary fluid into micron or nanometer-sized particles, and evenly disperse them in the main liquid , Form a dispersed phase.
Current product application projects using fluid dynamic ultrasonic mixing and dispersion technology:
1. Hydrodynamic ultrasonic hydrogen-rich water preparation device
2. Hydrodynamic ultrasonic graphene dispersion preparation device
3. Fluid Power Ultrasonic Alcoholization Preparation System
4. Hydrodynamic ultrasonic small molecule water preparation system
5. fluid power ultrasonic sewage treatment system

Post time: Oct-27-2020