Fuel mixed with water phacoemulsification burning energy-saving equipment

Fuel mixed with water phacoemulsification burning energy-saving equipment

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Fluid ultrasonic emulsification technique is widely used, we have used to cosmetics, batteries pulp, wine, oil, heavy oil industry.The following describes the roleofultrasoundintheheavyoil.Forreference. If you have a need, please provide more detailed parameters and requirements, wewillgiveyouasatisfactory solution. Thankyou!

Fuelmixedwithwaterphacoemulsificationburningenergy-savingequipment Energy-saving and environmental protection, has been the world's attention and researchtopics. After 30 years of unremitting efforts, today, watered emulsion technology for heavyoil,residual oilandcoaltar,withworld-leadinglevel.


    RH-C fuel oil emulsion preparation series, the company's proprietary ultrasonic jet emulsion technology, the use of the jet momentum of the fluid itself, resulting in high-intensity sonic and ultrasonic propagation in the fluid, the sound intensity reaches a certain intensity, fluid empty of effect, so that the molecular chain of the heavy oil cracking and restructuring, resulting in emulsification with water to form
    Water as the dispersed phase, the oil continuous phase water in oil type W / O suspension without separation of the emulsion. Emulsified oil particles of water distribution is uniform, fine grain size, stable performance. Widely used in the emulsification of heavy oil, residual oil and coal tar mixed with water,without adding anyadditives. Particles of water in oil emulsified fuel combustion will produce the effect of secondary atomization microburst, to achieve a good combustion. Flame temperature, shorter flame, burning completely, adjust the parameters of a wider Improve the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler, saving rate increased, but also reduces emissions of harmful gases in the flue gas, and fully meet environmental emission standards.
    Most industrial boilers for combustion of heavy fuel oil, residual oil, or coal tar, Online Emulsification and preparation.
    Fuel the higher the viscosity,mixed with water the higher the rate, fuel economy, reduce pollution effect of the greater.
    The maximum water mixingrate of 30%,
    The maximum fuel economy rate of 25%,
    Significantly reduce the NOx emissions of carbon monoxide of CO, Sox, of sulfuroxides,nitrogenoxides.
    Reduce harmful residues,and to reduce corrosion on the body.
    Can be adjusted at any time based on the use of the environment and oil processing capacity and the amount of water applied to different oil.
    Processing capacity,up to5T/H-50T/H.
    Without adding any additives.
    The entire PLC control,easy to operate.


Heavy oil combustion solutions

    The heavy oil has a high calorific value, low price and storage safety advantages, the main fuel for industrial boilers, burners. However, due to its high viscosity, impurities and content of harmful substances, not burn completely during combustion, waste energy, pollute the environment, emissions of harmful substances corrosion body.
    Solutions of heavy oil combustion, a more consistent view of the scientific community is mixed with water emulsified oil ways to improve heavy oil quality, enhance combustion efficiency, to achieve the purpose of fuel economy, reduce pollution.
    Watered emulsion is generally divided into two categories: mechanical stirring and ultrasonic methods.
    Mechanical stirring watered emulsification of highly viscous heavy oil or residue effect is very small, you must add a certain amount of chemical additives, such as emulsifiers. Additives are expensive and can not fundamentally change the market position of emulsified heavy oil.
    Ultrasonic emulsification technique using ultrasonic effect on the working fluid, the working fluid emulsion, and therefore does not require any additives. The ultrasonic method was divided into two: the power ultrasound and fluid ultrasound.
    Ultrasonic power: power consumption, a small amount of processing, not on a large industrial application.
    Hydrodynamic phacoemulsification using a flow of refrigerant to produce ultrasound, ultrasound and counterproductive in the working fluid, so that the working substance is emulsified. Energy consumption, processing capacity, the best solution to the heavy oil mixed with water emulsified.

RH-C fuel oil emulsion preparation of a series of advantages

    RH-C fuel oil emulsion preparation series, the use of reed whistle in the fluid power ultrasonic phacoemulsification method, it mainly consists of the nozzle and reed, when fluid is ejected from the nozzle to form a jet, resulting in eigenfrequencies, and the reed natural frequency consistent with the resonance, thus forming a high-intensity ultrasound. When sound waves reach a certain level, to produce cavitation in the fluid, so that oil and water emulsified.
    This approach greatly reduces the operating costs, a significant increase in handling capacity.
    Jet mixed with water emulsion, to solve the other mixed with water emulsified add water, uneven quality of the emulsified oil instability of this long-festering problem.
    Adjust the thickness of the reed whistle nozzle size, can not only meet the needs of the industrial production of large flow, liquid impurities clogging the vents.
    Different fuel, has the best watered, RH-G system can be adjusted into the oil and water mixing amount to meet the different conditions of different fluids mixed with water emulsified, apply to heavy oil, residual oil and coal tar a variety of oil mixed with water emulsion.
    The device special set within the circulatory system, to solve the normal work in the harsh environment special.
    The entire PLC control, and automatically adjust the operating parameters, work status is automatically recorded, the operation is simple.


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