filling and capping line

filling and capping line

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Perfume filling and capping line



4 nozzles

Bottle Height


Maximum diameter of the bottle mouth


Minimum diameter


Adjustable liquid level (away from

the bottle mouth)


Dimensions (excluding liquid



Adaptive ambient temperature


Pumping speed


Pneumatic perfume capping machine

    This machine adopts full pneumatic control, which is especially suitable for the mouth of perfume glass products.
     Using a razor head made of special materials, put the glass bottle with the nozzle in the capping head, and seal the nozzle and the glass bottle by equalizing the air pressure.
    According to the customer's requirements, through the actual debugging, to achieve the ideal tie speed and effect, it is the ideal choice.
    The working principle of the tie machine is to open the hand valve and connect it to the gas source. Put the glass bottle with the nozzle in the mouth of the nozzle, press the pneumatic switch, use the rising table to make the bottle straight, and at the same time, the cylinder is tightened downward, and aftertightening the mouth, the cylinder automatically returns to the original starting  point.  One tie loop
    Loosen the copper core positioning screw in the mouth of the tie, and rotate the copper core to move up and down. Generally, the nozzle is placed in the mouth of the nozzle and is slightly lower than the lower plane by 20~30 wire. The specific adjustment position varies depending on the nozzle.
    Pneumatic perfume sealing machine is one of the components of perfume filling and sealing. It is used for sealing the valve cover of various specifications. Sealing diameter; Sealing pass rate;  99%. Compressed air pressure: 4~6kg/cm2.
    Note: When the bottle is smashed into the slap, press the return switch and the bottle will fall off automatically.
▲ Incorrect operation may cause dangerous situations, resulting in injury or damage to items! When the machine is working, be careful to get close to the work area to avoid personal danger!
▲ Non-professional technicians, please do not check the machine, otherwise it may cause damage to the machine.


Packaging line
Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 6000*900*750mm, including the end 500mm collection platform
Belt width: 250mm
Speed: 1-8m/min, adjustable

Filling and capping machine production line: 30-40 bottles / minute





Disc bottle machine

1 set


Straight 6 paste filling machine

1 set


Automatic cover capping machine

1 set


Round bottle labeling machine

1 set


Ink automatic inkjet printer

1 set


Manual packing conveyor platform

1 set


Upper and lower tape sealing and packaging machine

1 set

Note: This is the basic configuration and is suitable for standard round bottles.

If the special-shaped bottle is filled, it needs non-standard design, or increase the inner plug, pump head, or other packaging equipment, etc.

For each additional bottle and lid, each additional mold of the specification is charged at a separate cost.

Main equipment introduction and explanation

1. Disc bottle machine (bottle machine)

Equipment introduction:
    The bottle unscrambler manually puts the bottle into a circular turntable, and the turntable rotates to continuously transfer the bottle into the conveyor belt, and enters the bottle washing and filling machine for filling. Easy to use, simple operation is an indispensable part, and can also be used as a bottle collection bottle.

The main technical parameters:
    Applicable specifications: 50-500ml
    Applicable bottle diameter: φ10-φ80mm
    Applicable bottle height: 80-300mm
    Production capacity: 0-100 bottles / min bpm (transfer speed governor adjustable)
    Voltage: 220v50hz
    Power: 0.5kw
    Weight: 70KG
    Dimensions: 600*600*1200mm


2. Linear 6 nozzles paste filling machine

 Technical Parameters

    Nozzle number of filling machines: 6 straight lines (can be customized according to production volume)
    Filling specifications: 100-400ml
    Filling speed: 2000-2400 bottles / hour
    Voltage power: 220v/50hz. 1.2-2.0kw
    Air source pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa
    Dimensions: 2000*1300*1900mm Weight: 320kg

    The linear 6-head sauce filling machine adopts the world's advanced technology, using PLC and electronic fiber optic sensor control, and the microcomputer text display touch artificial interface operation. There is bottle filling. No bottle stop irrigation. It has a counting function. Record the production of the current day - the current month. The equipment is mainly used for the filling of various paste sauces. It is suitable for food sauce filling. The surface of the equipment and the contact surface of the material are made of 304 stainless steel, no dripping, no drawing. Easy to clean. No dead angle, fully in line with national pharmaceutical industry GMP standards. (Mainly used for filling of granular paste, ketchup, etc.).
    Features of the equipment: no residue on the surface of the bottle after filling, ensuring the surface of the bottle and the surface of the equipment are clean and hygienic, easy to operate, convenient to maintain. Stable to use, high in automation. Suitable for liquid, fluid and other filling.

3. Automatic cover capping machine

 Equipment introduction:

    Automatic cover rotary (pressure) cover machine, using the world's advanced technology, using PLC and electronic fiber optic sensor control, micro-computer text display touch artificial interface operation. Automatic cover - automatic rotary (pressure) cover. And with counting function. You can record the production of the current day - the current month.
    When the bottle after filling automatically enters the rotary (pressure) cover machine - the cover cover automatically arranges the messy and irregular bottle caps automatically, and arranges them automatically on the bottle mouth, and then the capping head automatically rotates the cover (press) Good - enter the next process. The equipment is suitable for the filling of various liquids and the lid of the various bottles (pressure) cover. It is suitable for filling in the pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food and beverage, cosmetics and other industries (if juice, fruit) Vinegar, oral liquid, etc.) The surface of the equipment and the contact surface of the material are made of 304 stainless steel material, no dripping, easy to clean. No dead angle, fully in line with the national pharmaceutical industry GMP standards.

Features of the equipment:

    There is no residue on the surface of the bottle after filling, ensuring the surface of the bottle and the surface of the equipment are clean and hygienic, easy to operate and convenient to maintain. Stable use and high automation intensity.

Technical Parameters:

    Bottle mouth diameter specification: 20-80mm
    Rotary (pressure) cover speed: 2000-2500 bottles / hour
    Voltage power: 220v/50hz. 1.2-2.0kw
    Air source pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa
    Dimensions: 2000*900*1600mm
    Weight: 260kg

4. Self-adhesive vertical round bottle automatic labeling machine

Equipment introduction

• The whole machine adopts the mature PLC control system to make the whole machine run stably and at high speed.
• The operating system is controlled by touch interface, which is easy to operate, practical and efficient.
• Advanced technology is fast and stable
• Wide range of applications for round bottle labeling in all sizes
• Inline roll bottle for stronger label attachment
• Optional connection line for front and rear sections, or optional receiving turntable for easy collection, sorting and packaging of finished products
The surface of the equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, in line with national GMP standards.

Technical Parameters

Voltage specification: AC220V 50/60HZ single phase
Energy consumption: 300W
Dimensions: 2000 (L) × 700 (W) × 1270 (H) mm
Labeling speed: 40-100 bottles / min (standard speed 3.5m / min)
Material conveying direction: left to right
Machine weight: 200KG
Labeling accuracy: ±1mm (except for the error between the sticker and the label itself)
Applicable bottle type: round bottle.
Applicable container range: outer diameter 16-150 mm, height 35-400 mm
Applicable label range: height 15-200 mm, length 23-400 mm
Label volume requirements:
    a) The label base paper is made of glassine paper (ie, transparent paper);
    b) the thickness of the label paper is not less than 25×10-6m (25μm);
    c) the outer diameter of the label roll is <φ350; the inner diameter of the label roll is φ76

5. Automatic inkjet printer

Equipment Specifications:

    Dimensions: 370 × 260 × 550
    Font widening: can be widened to 9 times
    Power source: AC220V 50Hz 100VA
    Storage information: 60 print information
    Number of lines printed: 1-2 lines (1 line in Chinese)
    Printing speed: 1400 characters / (5 × 7)
    Gross weight of the machine: 30 kg
    Ambient humidity: 90% or less
    Ambient temperature: 10-45C

Equipment introduction:

    The built-in pump inkjet printer adopts the internationally popular built-in pump closed-circuit ink drive system, which completely eliminates the pollution of the external environment and saves the solvent consumption. The internationally renowned magnetic drive pump, advanced ink circulation filtration system, combined with the high integrated circuit independently developed by Leadjet, ensure long-term stable operation of the machine. It can print Chinese, English, numbers and patterns online, and can print high-definition numbers, texts and graphics on various materials. It is widely used in food, medicine, chemical, machinery and electronics, building materials and cable, packaging materials and other industries.

6. Manual packing conveyor platform

Equipment introduction

    The conveying platform is manually applicable to the platform for filming, boxing and packing. The operator can sit on both sides of the platform for operation. Filling, manual labeling, filming, boxing and boxing The bottle will automatically enter other processes on the conveyor belt (the length is customized according to the needs)
    Power source: 220v/50hz
    Power: 0.12kw
    Speed: 40-120 bottles / min (speed adjustable)
    Dimensions: 2000*750*1100mm (can be customized according to the length required)
    Weight: 85kg


7. Tape upper and lower sealing and packaging machine


    The automatic sealing and packing machine is a packaging machine that integrates automatic sealing and packaging. It can be used with automatic packaging line, automatic upper and lower sealing tape and double-pass packaging to realize unmanned packaging. high working efficiency. Widely adapted to the mass production of pharmaceuticals, electronics, daily chemicals, cosmetics, etc.;

Technical Parameters

    Power supply: 220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1.5 KW
    Packing speed: 6-10 cases / min
    Sealing size: L200-600 W200-500 H150-500(mm)
    Tape size: 48~60 72(mm)
    Packing tape size 10--14 mm
    Kraft paper tape, BOPP tape
    Machine size: L2000mm x W1400mm x H1580mm
    Gross weight / net weight: 400kg

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