Double Column Lifting Planetary Mixer

Double Column Lifting Planetary Mixer

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Double planetary mixer is divided into geared motor, cover, planet carrier, agitator, wall scraper, bucket, double-column hydraulic lifting system, vacuum system and frame. It is a new and high-efficiency mixing device developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad.

working principle:

When the planet carrier rotates, it drives the three stirring and dispersing shafts in the box to revolve around the axis of the barrel while rotating at high speed, so that the material is subjected to strong shearing and kneading to achieve the purpose of full dispersion and mixing; there is a scraper on the planet carrier The wall knife rotates with the planet carrier, and it is continuously scraped against the wall of the barrel to make the wall of the barrel free of materials and improve the mixing effect. The length of the mixing time is controlled by the user according to the properties of the material and can be adjusted through the control panel. The cover and planetary mixer are lifted and lowered by double-column hydraulic pressure, and the operation is stable, fast and light.

   This device can work under vacuum and can continuously discharge water and other products. Therefore, it can be used as a degassing kettle. The materials can be heated or cooled by oil and water circulation as required; steam heating can also be used. The heating temperature is displayed by the temperature controller on the control panel.

1. Mechanism

Planetary stirrer consists of stirrer motor transmission, dispersing motor, planetary gear box, stirrer, dispersing wheel, drawing strickle,temperature sensor rod, electrical rack, frame, up/down system, vacuum system, heater.

1. Stirring System

A planetary gear box is powered by a motor to rotate around the center axis of the vessel(Revolution).

1.1. Two spindles rotate on their own axis while following the revolution of planetary gear box, the material is disturbed by stirrer to form stretching, squeezing, cutting, twisting, to be blended completely.

1.2. Dispersing wheel is driven by its own motor while following the revolution of planetary gear box, to disperse, cut, blend solid-liquid, liquid-liquid, solid-solid state materials, combining with stirring to reach the purpose of mixing.

1.3. The drawing strickle is also following the revolution to monitor the material temperature.

2. Vacuum System

The precise seal design can maintain -0.1Mpa vacuum, to meet the requirements of dehydrating and debubbling.

3. Heating and Cooling System

These options can be custom made to meet different process.

4. Up/Down system

It is hydraulic system with high reliability.

2. Application

3. Specification


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